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Title:  Chained To You, Chained Series Book 2
Author:  SK Fordham
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  July 31, 2014
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Stella Howard is chained, chained to her past and chained by her present.
 Dean quests to save Stella, to show her that he loves her and wants to be in her life.
But Deans’ own past catches up to him and threatens to destroy all that he now cares about before he has the chance to love freely.

 Will others cruel intentions stop love from growing? Or will love conquer?


Mary's 5 Star Review - 

Chained leads you in a cliffhanger that leads you into Chained to you. Stella has been abducted and Dean is sure that the man that Stella had the one night in Sydney is his brother. He is sure that Brendon has Stella as revenge. 

But what he doesn't know that Stella is Chained to a rock wall as revenge against her fro stealing Deans heart.

I loved that S.K. Fordham mixed it up and used POV for this book. It was relevant to see all the time Stella was gone to see Deans POV of the story. 

But as the story progressed and Stella is found and finds the person that took Stella her worries don't stop there. Stella and Dean now a family, Dean tries to win Stella heart but respecting Jack memory. While with the boys and now daughter Stella wants to let Dean fully into her heart but other factors will not let them have the happy ever after.

While the strive for there happiness will the outside world let it happen? Chained to you was better written and had more emotions. I loved Stella inter dialogue with herself and her wide arrange of feelings for everything around her. I love Dean compassion and undying love for Stella but will that be enough.

SK Fordham is a wife, mother and nurse. SK grew up in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne Australia.

SK loves handbags, chocolate, dancing and all forms of hot drinks.
SK would love to hear from her fans.

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