Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Star Review - Down and Out by Kelley R. Martin

*Don’t read this book if you don’t like snarky, dominant, tattooed men who say things like “Open your mouth, and I will,” after you tell them to shove it. And don’t read this book if you don’t like sassy, strong-willed, fiercely independent heroines who use phrases like “bossy asshole” as a term of endearment. You have been warned.*

“Tattooed package of sin.” 

That’s how Savannah Ryan would describe her new boss, Declan Whitmore, the deliciously tatted and pierced fighter who holds the top spot in Boston’s newest underground fighting organization. She’d also describe him as bossy, arrogant, and—depending on what he does to piss her off that particular day—an asshole.

It’s that aloof attitude, along with Savannah’s witty comebacks and tight little body that land her on his radar. Unfortunately for her, Declan is relentless when he sets his sights on someone, both in and out of the ring. Unfortunately for him, this recently reformed bad girl is trying to go straight after heading down a dangerous path. She’s not going to make this easy for him. In fact, she’s going to make it—and him—very, very hard.

Declan’s not worried, though. He’ll have Savannah come hell or high water, because if there’s one word he’d use to describe her, it’s “MINE.”

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5 Star Review:

I loved Down and Out its a fighter with a hot tattooed fighter and feisty broken girl. I think this is awesome new fighter book everyone should read. You fall in love with cocky Declan and his kitten Savannah who can dish it out as hard as she gets it.

We see them fight, resist there feelings and all the while in the world of underground illegal fighting. Tattooed gym owner Declan is underground fighter who just hook ups until Savannah walks into his gym. Broken and homeless Savannah needs a gym but walking into the Whitmore and son gym is more than she bargained for. She fights Declan hard but he wants to keep her safe. That might just be there down fall.

I loved all the characters but I loved Savannah whit and spunk but she a broken girl who just wants to make life better but life has not been kind to her. You also meet Blake who is Declan younger brother who can defiantly tell has his own sad story to tell and you meet Macy who becomes instantly Savannah best friend but she also has her awkward moments.

The only down fall is I loved the ending but it need an epilogue but there wasn't one. But this story is for those who love the tattooed jerk but also the fighter lovers will love Declan. But on the flip side those who love a hard to love girl with spunk will love Savannah.

I look forward to any other books that come out in this series. I would love to see another book for Declan and Savannah. A book for Macy to see her in all her awkwardness but she also seems like a girl with spunk or the sad heart of Blake. Even the rough Marcus with all his baby mamas stories.

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